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Flame arrester

Flame arrester

Water flow indicator

Water flow indicator

The ZSJZ series water flow indicator is used for automatic sprinkler water extinguishing systems. It can be installed on the main water supply pipe or branch pipe to provide an electrical signal of water flow in a certain area. This electrical signal can be sent to the electric control box or used to start the control switch of the fire pump. The water flow indicator series products produced include ZSJZ (Type A) with delay circuit and ZSJZ (Type B) without delay circuit. Each model comes in seven specifications: 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, and 200, suitable for use in different pipelines. The water flow indicator with a delay circuit is set to 4S when leaving the factory. If other times are needed, our company can provide loans as required. Connection methods: pipe thread, welding, flange, and saddle are available for users to choose from.

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The structure and principle of the water flow indicator: In case of a fire at a certain location, the system is turned on, the nozzle sprays water, the water flows in the pipeline, and the blades in the impact water flow indicator shift and tilt towards the direction of the water flow. The action rod compresses the ultra small electrical switch, and the delay circuit is connected. After reaching the delay setting time, the blades are still not in place, and the electrical contact is closed, providing an electrical contact signal.

When the water flow stops, the switch contacts are disconnected and the electrical contact signal is eliminated. Delaying the alarm signal for a certain period of time is a possible false alarm caused by instantaneous water pressure fluctuations in firefighting.

The water flow indicator is mainly used in the fire automatic sprinkler system. It can be installed on the main water supply pipe or horizontal pipe, providing an electrical signal for the flow of water in a certain sub area or small area. This electrical signal can be sent to the electric control box, which can be used to start the control switch of the fire water pump and play a role in detecting and indicating the alarm area.

Material for main parts
Connection method Serial Number Name Material

Flange type
1 valve body QT450-10
2 blade plastics
3 Outer cover plastics
 straddles 1 U Bolt Q235A
2 blade plastics
3 valve body QT450-10
4 sealing ring oil resistant rubber
5 Outer cover plastics

Main technical parameters
Installation and connection method
Flange type straddles welded type Silk mouth type
Nominal DiameterDN(mm) 50,65,80,100,125,150,200 50-150
Rated working pressure(mm) 1.2
delay time(s) 2-90
sensitivity(L/min) 15~37.5
AC200/3A DC24V/1AOne pair for normally open and one pair for normally closed

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