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  • Brand of water supply valve | China valve manufacturer
    • Mar , 13 2021
    Brand of water supply valve | China valve manufacturer

    Water supply pipeline, the valve is an essential pipeline accessories, water supply valve manufacturers have a lot of competition is also very big, this article for you to introduce a water supply valve brand - like the valve.Xuval valve is a water system valve supplier with a two-year warranty, specializing in the production of water system valves, covering a variety of fields including water sup...

  • Cast iron gate valve from China XUVAL |
    • Jan , 29 2021
    Cast iron gate valve from China XUVAL |

    Cast iron gate valve is one of the common water system valves, mostly used for water supply and drainage pipeline. Usually more than DN50 caliber cast iron gate valves will use flange connection, less than DN50 caliber is mostly threaded connection. Cast iron gate valve is a general term, specific according to the valve material, we can be divided into gray cast iron gate valve and nodular cast ir...

  • How to distinguish ball valves from butterfly valves |
    • Nov , 17 2020
    How to distinguish ball valves from butterfly valves |

    Not only butterfly valve but also ball valve is one of our leading products.The biggest difference between the ball valve and butterfly valve is that the opening and closing parts of the butterfly valve is a plate, and the ball valve is a ball, the butterfly valve disc and the ball valve spool are around their own axis for rotation;The disc of gate valve is moved up and down along the axis;Butterf...

  • Cast Iron Gate Valves or Carbon Steel Gate Valves |
    • Nov , 16 2020
    Cast Iron Gate Valves or Carbon Steel Gate Valves  |

    Cast iron gate valves or carbon steel gate valves? This article【XUVAL】for you to introduce. Cast iron gate valvesCast iron gate valves are divided into gray iron gate valves and ductile iron gate valves.The valve body of gray iron gate valve is made of gray iron and its seal is copper seal.The valve body of ductile iron gate valve is made of ductile iron and sealed with rubber seal.Cast iron gate ...

  • We always offer best wafer butterfly valve |
    • Nov , 13 2020
    We always offer best wafer butterfly valve |

    Wafer butterfly valve is a very wide range of valve types, it has a soft seal and hard seal two types of seal.In the same caliber, hard - sealed Wafer butterfly valve price will be higher than soft - sealed Wafer butterfly valve. A variety of materials such as gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc.And hard seal to Wafer butterfly valve material is limited, can only be...

  • What kind of valve is most durable |
    • Nov , 10 2020
    What kind of valve is most durable |

    Valve belongs to the loss of goods, as the passage of time, the valve components are corroded, corroded, corroded, leading to the service life of the valve will be shortened, frequent replacement repair valve, undoubtedly increased the labor cost, time cost.So, in order to reduce unnecessary expenses, to cut costs, a lot of people ask is there a durable valve, one that lasts a long time, so what k...

  • Ductile iron valve---Quality,Reliability,Sustainability
    • Nov , 02 2020
    Ductile iron valve---Quality,Reliability,Sustainability

    【XUVAL】 is global in scale when it comes to manufacturing and design kinds of cast iron or ductile iron valve. We serve our customers locally, offering full-line partnership and a single entry point to a world of products and solutions.Because of our solid know-how and decades of experience, it is safe to expect more from us - now and in the years to come. We make a difference only by assuring pro...

  • Safety measures of wafer butterfly valves |
    • Sep , 22 2020

    Technical measures Signal device is additionally provided with wafer butterfly valves location. When running in butterfly valves wafer deviation from the full open position, sends out signal, the control room of the optical plate light, the operator can signal according to the judgment is off wafer butterfly valves accident or partial red. General treatment measures to regulate the part turning, c...

  • Valve Installation and Maintenance |
    • Sep , 12 2020
    Valve Installation and Maintenance |

    Valve is best suited for installations, keeping in mind the service for which the valve is recommended. Before installing the correct valve, review the installation instructions to prevent damage to the valve and to assure its maximum efficiency. Use sand cloth or steel wire brush to clean both ends to a bright metal finish. Apply flux to outside of tube and inside of solder cup. Surfaces to be jo...

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