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Lock balance valve

This valve is a type of valve with a DC body structure and special digital locking function. It has better equal percentage flow characteristics and can reasonably allocate flow, effectively solving the problem of uneven room temperature cooling and heating in heating (air conditioning) systems. The valve is equipped with an opening indicator, an opening lock, and a pressure measuring small valve for flow measurement. It can accurately adjust the pressure drop and meteor to improve the liquid flow state in the pipeline system, achieve the goal of pipeline liquid balance and energy conservation. In the renovation of the double pipeline project, the application of this valve can save energy and achieve good results It is generally recommended to install it on the return water pipe, especially for high temperature loops. The return water pipe with a balance valve does not need to be equipped with a stop valve.

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Products Details

A balance valve is a type of valve with a special function, and the valve itself has nothing special, only the difference between its function and field. In some industries, due to the large pressure or flow difference of media (various flowable substances) in various parts of pipelines or containers, in order to reduce or balance this difference, valves are installed between the corresponding pipelines or containers to adjust the relative balance of pressure on both sides, or to achieve flow balance through diversion methods. This valve is called a balance valve.

A balance valve is a valve that performs dynamic and static balance regulation under hydraulic conditions. Balancing valves can be divided into three types: static balancing valves, dynamic balancing valves, and pressure independent balancing valves. Static balance valve, also known as balance valve, manual balance valve, digital lock balance valve, dual position regulating valve, etc., changes the flow resistance through the valve by changing the clearance (opening) between the valve core and valve seat, adjusting the Kv (valve flow capacity) of the valve, in order to achieve the purpose of regulating flow. Its target is the resistance of the system, eliminating the phenomenon of resistance imbalance in the system, Thus, the new water volume can be balanced and distributed according to the proportion calculated in the design, with each branch increasing or decreasing proportionally at the same time. Static balance valves can be used in systems such as main pipes, risers, horizontal branches, and ends, with the same effect as the same pipe.

Main technical parameters:

Nominal pressure 1.0Mpa、1.6Mpa
Applicable Medium Non corrosive liquids such as water and oil
Temperature 0~100℃
Flange standard GB/T17421.6、JB/T79.1
Test standards GB/T 13927

Main overall dimensions
DN 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250  300 350
L 200 202 215 240 280 310 360 400 438 520  590 680
H 270 280 285 342 368 388 488 491 585 710  810 1030
DN 15 20 25 32 40 40
G 1/2" 3/4” 1" 11/4” 11/2" 2"
L 75 80 86 92 97 119
H 109 110 111 125 140 177

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