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Valves Article

Brand of water supply valve | China valve manufacturer

Brand of water supply valve | China valve manufacturer

  • 2021/03/13

Water supply pipeline, the valve is an essential pipeline accessories, water supply valve manufacturers have a lot of competition is also very big, this article for you to introduce a water supply valve brand - like the valve.Xuval valve is a water system valve supplier with a two-year warranty, specializing in the production of water system valves, covering a variety of fields including water supply and drainage system, water conservancy engineering, municipal construction and so on;Quality assurance, of course, choose Xuval valve.Welcome to inquire about water supply valve products.

Then what are the commonly used water supply valves?Xuval valve to introduce you:

Gate valves

Water flow resistance is small, but when there are impurities in the water, it is easy to wear the valve seat and cause leakage.It is often used in pipelines above DN50.

Globe valve

Close tight, but the flow resistance is larger.It is often used in pipes up to DN50 and is mounted with direction.

Check valve

Prevent the reverse flow of water in the pipe.According to the different structure to the points, there are swing and lift type.

Butterfly valve

The butterfly plate can adjust the flow of water and the shut-off function within the turning range of 90°. It is convenient to open and close, compact structure and small volume.

Relief valve

Avoid overpressure damage of pipe network, appliances or closed water tank.There are spring type and lever type.

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