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CS45H inverted bucket steam trap

CS45H inverted bucket steam trap

Introduction to CS45H inverted bucket steam trap: The inverted bucket trap is based on the principle of phase change, relying on the different thermodynamic principles of the flow rate and volume change of steam and condensate when passing through, so that different pressure differences are generated up and down the valve plate to drive the valve plate to open and close the valve. Because the working power of thermodynamic traps comes from steam, the waste of steam is relatively large. The structure is simple, the water hammer is resistant, the maximum back is 50%, there is noise, the valve plate works frequently, and the service life is short. The inverted bucket trap has thermodynamic type (disc type), pulse type, orifice type.

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Products Details

CS45H inverted bucket steam trap

Product structure features of inverted bucket steam trap:
All moving parts in the inner cavity are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to wear and corrosion. Since steam cannot reach the valve seat hole sealed by water, there is no steam loss and high efficiency and energy saving. The floating bucket is inverted, it will not be damaged or crushed, it is not afraid of water hammer, and it has a long life.
The top of the inverted barrel is provided with a vent hole. The continuous air exhaust performance is good, and the cold hysteresis and air blockage will not be formed.
The inverted bucket steam trap is not affected by back pressure and can work well under high back pressure.
The inverted bucket steam trap does not work reliably. There are only two moving parts (the lever-and the inverted bucket), so there will be no jamming.
The valve seat and disc are on the top of the valve, and the disc can let dirt pass through during the switch. It has good self-cleaning performance and is free of dirt.

Working principle of inverted bucket steam trap:
The inverted bucket steam trap does not use the working principle of the density difference between condensate water and steam. The internal structure is connected to the inverted bucket by a lever system to overcome the steam pressure switch. The inside of the inverted bucket trap is an inverted bucket as a liquid level sensitive part. The bucket opens downwards. When the device is just started, air and low-temperature condensate appear in the pipeline. At this time, the trap is fully open, and the air and low-temperature condensate are quickly discharged, and the device quickly raises the temperature. When steam enters the inverted bucket, the inverted bucket generates upward buoyancy, and the inverted bucket is connected to the lever to drive the valve core to close the valve. There is a small hole in the inverted bucket, which can automatically exhaust air. When a part of the steam is discharged from the small hole, the other part of the steam produces condensate. The inverted bucket loses buoyancy and sinks. The inverted bucket is connected to the lever to drive the valve core to open the valve. When the steam enters the inverted bucket again, the valve is closed again, and the cycle works, intermittently draining water.

Steam trap model: CS45H (ER105)
Steam trap caliber: 15MM-200MM
Steam trap working pressure: 1.6MPA -4.0MPA
Steam trap connection method: flange connection
Steam trap operation mode: automatic
Steam trap use function: discharge the moisture in the steam
Steam trap using medium: steam、condensate
Steam trap: cast steel、stainless steel
Steam trap manufacturing standard: Ministry of Machinery standard or customized non-standard

Discontinuous drainage energy meter for inverted bucket steam trap (Kg/h):



















0.5 240 420 800 1520 2500 3960 7190
1 280 470 930 1750 2950 4500 8600
2 230 460 930 1800 3020 4500 8150
4 280 410 920 2000 3050 4400 8800
6 280 380 800 1560 2600 4600 8000
8 310 420 900 1750 2950 4900 8850
10 260 365 660 1550 2550 4500 8450
12 200 380 720 1730 2880 4850 9000
15 230 335 560 1500 2500 3000 8400
17 250 350 600 1550 2600 3200 8650
21 - 240 860 1200 2200 3400 7200
25 - 250 900 1300 2400 2900 7800

880-815 inverted bucket steam trap, without side inlet and side outlet, with filter screen, external dimensions (mm):
Model Diameter
A B C D Maximum pressure kg/cm 2
880 1/2"  3/4" 96 76 70 128 25
881 1/2"  3/4"  1" 96 76 100 128 41
882 3/4"  1" 145 94 137 170 25
883 1" 1-1/4" 180 120 193 202 25
884 1-1/4"   1-1/2" 203 150 212 232 25
815 1-1/2"   2" 220 148 248 250 25

881F-886F inverted bucket steam trap, flange, attached filter, external dimensions (mm):
A B C D Maximum pressure kg/cm 2
881F 15、20、25 96 76 100 170 25
882F 20、25 145 94 137 210 41
883F 25、32 180 121 193 270 25
884F 32、40 203 150 212 320 25
815F     40、50 220 148 248 320 25
816F 65、80 265 489 310 400 25

81-86 Inverted Bucket Steam Traps with no lower inlet and upper outlet external dimensions (mm):
A B Maximum pressure kg/cm 2
81 1/2" 108 162 25
82 3/4"  1" 133 203 25
83 1" 162 273 25
84 1-1/4" 184 314 25
85 1-1/2" 216 380 25
86 2" 260 432 25

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Packing & Delivery : 

Packing Details:all by seaworthy plywood case and packed strongly by packing belt as below
Delivery Details:Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or15-30 days if the goods are OEM or not
enough subject to the order quantity. But anyway, normally, we are able to make sure the delivery will not exceed 45days.

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