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Y43X fixed proportional pressure reducing valve

Y43X fixed proportional pressure reducing valve

Overview of fixed proportional pressure reducing valve: The proportional pressure reducing valve has beautiful appearance, reliable quality, accurate ratio, stable operation, and reduces both dynamic pressure and static pressure. The valve uses the pressure difference generated by the different cross-sectional areas of the piston inside the valve body to change the pressure after the valve to achieve the purpose of reducing pressure. The pressure reducing ratio of the pressure reducing valve is: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 3:2, 5:2, etc.

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Products Details

Y43X fixed proportional pressure reducing valve

Proportional pressure reducing valve model: Y43X
Proportional pressure reducing valve Nominal diameter: 25MM-200MM
Proportional pressure reducing valve Working pressure: 1.6MPA
Proportional pressure reducing valve Connection mode: flange connection
Proportional pressure reducing valve Form: spring type
Proportional pressure reducing valve Main function: play a role of pressure relief protection
Proportional pressure reducing valve Use medium: water pipe
Proportional pressure reducing valve Material: cast iron, cast steel, brass
Proportional pressure reducing valve Standard: Ministry of Machinery standard or customized non-standard

Main technical parameters of fixed proportional pressure reducing valve:

Applicable medium
Water, gas
Proper temperature
Pressure error
Minimum opening pressure
2:1 0.2MPa
3:1 0.3MPa
Connection Type
Flange, internal thread
Material of main parts
Body Tin bronze
Stainless steel
Cast iron
Tin bronze
Stainless steel
Tin bronze or stainless steel

Main dimensions of fixed proportional pressure reducing valve:

Flange connection size PN1.0MPa according to GB4216.4-84 standard, PN1.6MPa according to GB4213.5-84 standard

Nominal diameter DN (mm)
A D3
25 232 115/125
32 246 140/150
40 256 150/155
50 270 165/175
65 306 185/200
80 320 210/230
100 340 240/265
125 400 275/300
150 429 310/350
200 358 355/400

Nominal pressure
Nominal diameter DN (mm)
YB43X-10T(Type B) 1.0 50 85
65 102
80 122
100 140
125 160
150 178
200 230
YB43X-16T(Type B) 1.6 50 85
65 102
80 122
100 140
125 160
150 178
200 230

Nominal diameter DN (mm)
Size (mm)
15 1/2" 80 50
20 3/4" 80 50
25 1" 90 54
32 1-1/4" 100 60
40 1-1/2" 110 68
50 2" 120 80

Product structure diagram:

Packing & Delivery : 

Packing Details:all by seaworthy plywood case and packed strongly by packing belt as below
Delivery Details:Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or15-30 days if the goods are OEM or not
enough subject to the order quantity. But anyway, normally, we are able to make sure the delivery will not exceed 45days.

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    If you are interested in our valves and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.