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Rubber Joint

Rubber Joint

KXT-A Flexible Rubber Joint

KXT-A Flexible Rubber Joint

XUVAL rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors made from natural or synthetic elastomers in which special fabrics are embedded  to provide physical reinforcement. rubber expansion joints provide a proven and flexible solution to accommodate many types of movements and requirements of industrial plant and equipment.

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Products Details

KXT-A Flexible Rubber Joint

Rubber soft connection, also known as rubber soft joint, flexible rubber joint, rubber shock absorber and so on. The product is mainly composed of inner and outer rubber layer, cord layer and steel wire ring, which is formed by high temperature and high pressure vulcanization and then combined with metal flange loose sleeve. Widely used in fire, chemical, pump valve and other pipeline systems, seismic noise reduction, absorption of pipeline operation process generated displacement.

Rubber soft connection system is used for flexible connection between metal pipes of hollow rubber products. Rubber soft connection is also called rubber pipe soft joint, flexible rubber joint, rubber soft joint, can be wound rubber joint, high pressure rubber joint, rubber shock absorber and so on. It is a kind of pipe joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and weather resistance. The product is made use of rubber elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance, etc. The product is made of high strength, strong cold and hot stability polyester cord fabric, and then vulcanized by high pressure and high temperature mold. Widely used in various piping systems.

By external form:

single sphere rubber joint, double sphere rubber joint, three sphere rubber joint, concentric diameters rubber joint, eccentric diameters rubber joint, clamp type rubber joint ,90° rubber elbow, etc.

Description of tables:


Mpa (kgf/cm²) Working pressure 1.0(10) 1.6(16) 2.5(25)
Mpa (kgf/cm²) Explosion pressure
2.0(20) 3.0(30) 4.5(45)
Kpa (mm/Hg) Vacuum 53.3(400) 86.7(650) 100(750)
℃ Applicable Temperature
-15℃~115℃(-30℃~250℃ under special conditions)
Applicable media Air,compressed air,water,sea water,hot water,oil,acid,alkali,and so on

Main date

Nominal Diameter

Axial displacement mm



Angular deflection


inch Extension
32 1.25 95 6 9 9 15
40 1.5 95 6 10 9 15
50 2 105 7 10 10 15
2.5 115 7 13 11 15
80 3 135 8 15 12 15
100 4 150 10 19 13 15
5 165 12 19 13 15
150 6 180 12 20 14 15
200 8 210 16 25 22 15
10 230 16 25 22 15
12 245 16 25
14 255 16 25
16 255 16 25
450 18 255 16 25
500 20 255 6 25 22
24 260 6 25 22
700 28 260 16 25 22
32 260 16 25 22
900 36 260 6 25 22 15
1000 40 260 18 25 24 15
1200 48 260 18 26 24 15
1400 56 350 20 28 26 15
1600 64 350 25 35 30 10

Packing & Delivery : 

Packing Details  : all by seaworthy plywood case and packed strongly by packing belt as below

Delivery Details : Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or15-30 days if the goods are OEM or not enough subject to the order quantity. But anyway, normally, we are able to make sure the delivery will not exceed 45days.

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XUVAL Flexible rubber elbow ferred to as rubber elbow, is composed of fabric reinforced rubber parts and flat joints, loose sleeve metal flange or threaded pipe flange, used for pipe vibration isolation and noise reduction, compensation of displacement elbow.

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The ripple compensator belongs to a compensation element.The effective expansion and deformation of the bellows of the working body is used to absorb the size changes caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction of pipelines, conduits and containers, etc., or to compensate the axial, transverse and angular displacements of pipelines, conduits and containers.It can also be used to reduce noise and vibration.It is widely used in modern industry.

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XUVALdouble sphere rubber expansion joints are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise/vibration, compensate for misalignment/offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces. XUVAL double sphere rubber expansion joints are inherently stronger than the conventional hand-built style spool arch type. Internal pressure within a “sphere” is exerted in all directions, distributing forces evenly over a larger area. The spherical design “flowing arch” reduces turbulence and sediment buildup. Features and Benefits: Absorbs Directional Movement Thermal movements appear in any rigid pipe system due to temperature changes. XUVALdouble sphere rubber expansion joints  allow for axial compression or axial extension, lateral deflection as well as angular movement.

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