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Cast iron double orifice kinetic air valve

Cast iron double orifice kinetic air valve

Double orifice kinetic air valve, For water...

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Products Details

Cast iron double orifice kinetic air valve

Product Description:

I. Application of QB2 double-port exhaust valve:

P2,QB2 double-port (inlet) valve is suitable for the pipeline with industrial medium as water, and it is necessary for the pipeline to remove the gas in the pipeline quickly to improve the efficiency of the water conveying equipment and to protect the pipeline from deformation and rupture.

II. Features of QB2 dual-port exhaust valve:

1. can remove the gas in the pipeline and reduce the resistance to save c source.

2. when the pipe negative pressure, this product can quickly and automatically inhale air to prevent pipe rupture.

3. exhaust capacity is more than double hole exhaust valve.

4. float bracket is stainless steel, long service life, safe and reliable.

III. QB2 performance technical parameters of the double-port exhaust valve:

1. media: clear water

2. temperature: room temperature

3. shell strength test pressure :1.5 MPa, no damage.

4. float seal test pressure :0.05∽1.1 MPa No leakage

5. body material: gray cast iron HT200 6. float bracket: stainless steel

Category: Air Valve

Description of tables:


Available Standard JKR/AWWA/BS/JIS/DIN
Working Pressure
Body Test Pressure 2.4
Seat Test Pressure 1.76
Reseat Pressure 1.6~0.35

Main Parts And Materials

Parts Name Material
Cast Iron
Large Float Ball
Small Float Ball
Large Cover Cast Iron
Small Cover Cast Iron
Cast Iron
Air Release Nipple Brass

double orifice kinetic air valve                            

Main Dimensions

50 165 125 99 20 4-Φ19 215 115 187
100 220 180 156
24 8-Φ19
285 145 300
150 285 240 211 26 8-Φ23
385 190 369
200 340 295 266 30 12-Φ23
500 205 398

Packing & Delivery : 

Packing Details  : all by seaworthy plywood case and packed strongly by packing belt as below

Delivery Details : Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or 15-30 days if the goods are OEM or not enough subject to the order quantity. But anyway, normally, we are able to make sure the delivery will not exceed 45 days.

double orifice kinetic air valve

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